Visa For Skilled Workers

Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled worker visa is the category that allows skilled people to migrate to their chosen destination based on education or skill of the applicant. It is the most popular route to switch to their desired country with the help of their education, experience & skill. The visa helps to target the potential workers to migrate into potential countries & backup their resources.

Whizz Immigration is the most valuable resource to fulfil your skilled worker visa applicationto the chosen country. To qualify your visa application requirement, the candidate needs to calculate their point tests based on their age, education, experience and English language. Certain points criteria are necessary for a skilled permanent residency visa.

Skilled worker visa may also be applied on the basis of proof ids of their relative in the native country. While, before granting of visa; candidates need to undergo thorough medical checks up as demanded by the particular country to wish to migrate.

There are buckle of benefits of skilled worker visa; if you wish to migrate through this route:


  • Hold Permanent Residency Status.
  • Subsidised Benefits.
  • Citizenship can be availed.
  • Low scale Investment.
  • Enjoy Tax benefits.
  • Quality Job Opportunity.


Want to migrate to your desired country on your skill background? Then, you must visit Whizz Immigration’s expert to help you.